Many of you have likely been disappointed by prior map-making software, so a healthy degree of skepticism is expected. That is why I have put together a MapForge demo/prototype, which you can download and try out for yourself, in order to evaluate it and take the program for a short spin to see if this is going to be the program you want/expect it to be.

Click here to download the MapForge prototype for Windows (Zip, 71.8MB)

Click here to download the MapForge prototype for Windows (7-zip, 30.8MB)

Click here to download the MapForge prototype for Mac OS X (Zip, 74.3MB)

Note: Mac OS X Sierra users may experience a problem on launch. A solution to this can be found here.

A great many features have yet to be implemented (hence the July release date), but there is enough there for you to evaluate the proposed user interface, the planned featureset, the performance, and the ease of use.

Here is a video that walks you through most of the features in the MapForge prototype. You should probably watch this even if you download the prototype demo, since this explains things you might otherwise miss.

IMPORTANT! Please do not misinterpret what you see in the prototype app or in the video. Just because it only shows maps being assembled from tiles, that does not mean that it is the only thing the final MapForge application will do. MapForge will be a full-fledged map-making program, offering several different methods for creating maps, and those methods can be used individually, or in conjunction. If you prefer to make your own maps from scratch, that will be possible, too.