Current Features

(note that this is not a comprehensive list)

  • Quickly generate full sets of geomorphic map tiles.
  • Tiles in a tileset can be from 3 to 20 grid squares in size.
  • Resolution of exported tiles can be from 50 to 300 pixels per grid square.
  • Adjust the stacking order of assets on a tile variant.
  • Apply bitmap filters to create special effects such as Bevel, Glow, Drop Shadow, Stroke, Color Adjustment, Brightness/Contrast, Sharpen and Color Tint.
  • Randomization feature for textures (to avoid repeating patterns).
  • Adjust the location, scale, rotation, and opacity of any placed item.
  • Customizable grid overlay, which you can choose to include or exclude in your exported tiles
  • Export an entire tileset at once, or just the specific layouts that you want.
  • Create presets (item layouts with a transparent background) for use in your favorite map-making app or virtual tabletop app.

Planned Features

(note that this is not a comprehensive list)

  • Support for cave/cavern walls.
  • Checkerboard floor generator.
  • Export tilesets or presets to MapForge Add-On format.
  • Access assets from MapForge content Add-Ons.