Links to map-making apps

Note: While we think you might find the following links useful, the fact that a product or site is listed here does not necessarily mean that we endorse them or their products.

Produces beautiful maps (especially battlemaps). This app (and ironically, its death), inspired me to create MapForge. The DJ User Forums, however, still live on, and are a terrific source of free mapping art, which can even be used commercially.
Note: This software cannot currently be purchased, due to the DJ Store being permanently offline.

The makers of Campaign Cartographer 2, CC3, CC3+, and other mapping programs. Steep learning curves, but has its fans.

GM Friend
Free. Runs in browser.



Free mapping software that works right in your browser.

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator
Free and runs in your browser. A downloadable version is also available.

Browser-based mapping site, currently in beta.

Registration to the Yahoo Group is required to download the program.


Free and commercial versions available.

Dungeon Demon
Previously commercial, free version now available. Windows-only.

Grumble Mapper
Donation-ware. Cross-platform (Adobe AIR).

From the developer of Hexographer.
Free and commercial versions available.

Windows, Mac, and Linux

$19.99 (one-time fee), Windows only

Other World Mapper
Windows, Mac, and Linux

Dungeon Painter
Free; runs in a browser.

Professional cartography/mapping software.
Mac OS X only.

Professional cartography/mapping software.
Mac OS X and Windows. Pricy!

Ye Olde Map Maker


Lior’s Map Creator
Free, Windows-only

Subscription-based. Poor feedback in their Kickstarter Comments regarding the map-related portion of the app.

Grid Mapper
Donation-ware. Windows-only.

Gridmapper (not to be confused with the above entry)
Free, runs in browser

Fantasy Map Builder
Currently in beta. Browser-based, with Fog of War feature.

Dungeon Crafter 3

Dungeon Fog
Subscription-based (approx. $50-$100/year). Free demo available.

Dungeon Tile Mapper

Illwinter’s Floorplan Generator
Available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux

Map Maker
Free. Browser-based.

Dungeon Builder
Isometric maps

RPG Map Editor 2

Dungeon Map Doodler
Browser-based, Free or Patreon-supported

Dungeon Painter Studio
Currently on Steam Greenlight.

Roll for Fantasy
Free. Browser-based.

Hex Kit
Runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Free, browser-based

That’s what the rest of this site is about. I’m just including my own software here to make the list complete. Commercial app for Windows and Mac that also offers free use level (limited to low-resolution output). Thirty-nine free content Add-Ons available to start you off (totaling well over 6000 mapping assets!).
MapForge Software

Defunct Mapping Apps

The following links are presented for historical purposes, since the websites are long gone. You may be able to get some use out of them with the Wayback Machine.




BG MapEditor
Free; WIP

Benny’s Dungeon Map Maker

Did I miss a mapping app? Let me know.