System Requirements

Minimum system requirements:

Screen resolution: 1280×800

Color: 24-bit or 32-bit (millions of colors)

Windows OS: Windows 7 or newer

Mac OS X: v10.7 (Lion) through v10.14 (Mojave). Note that macOS v10.15 (aka Catalina) no longer supports running 32-bit apps, but a pre-Catalina OS on a separate volume can be used to run such apps. If you are running macOS v10.15 (aka Catalina) or higher, there is now a WINE version of MapForge that you can use.

Linux: Linux is not officially supported (MapForge can’t be compiled to run natively on Linux), but users should be able to run the software using WINE or Virtualbox.

RAM: 4 GB of free RAM recommended (beyond that used by the operating system and any other running apps)

Internet access: MapForge can be used offline. The only time you’ll need internet access is to register new Add-Ons, and to download free software updates. If you happen to be online when you launch the app, you will automatically be informed of new software updates as they become available.

Other: MapForge’s requirements are relatively modest. It should be usable on a typical 5-6 year old PC. An SSD drive is preferable to a hard drive (especially low-RPM hard drives such as those found on many laptops). A dedicated video card is preferable to integrated graphics.

Try Before You Buy:

Given that no software can be guaranteed to run well on any given computer (even those that meet the minimum system requirements listed above), and that MapForge can be used and tested without a license, you should definitely try it out on your computer before purchasing a license or content Add-Ons.