Sources of Mapping Assets

A far-from-comprehensive list of useful sites where you can find mapping assets that you can use in MapForge, via drag-and-drop.

This is a work in progress. Expect more links to be added over time.

Assume that all art is for personal use only, unless commercial use is specifically mentioned/allowed.

Free Content

Dundjinni User Forums (sadly, this superb resource recently went offline, presumably forever)
(commercial use of the artwork is allowed)
Subforum for Fantasy/Generic Art
Subforum for Sci-Fi Art
Subforum for Isometric Art

RPGMapShare Gallery
(the site itself has seen better days, as some postings never survived a migration of the back-end software, but the artwork is generally great)

Cartography Assets
Link to MapForge-specific subforum (post things here, people! This is where MapForge users will share their art with the rest of the MapForge community)

CSUAC (Cecil Solomon’s User Art Collection)

The Vintyri Project (also the home of the CSUAC archives for some other map-making apps)

Free hand-drawn forest assets
Free hand-drawn camp tokens
Free forts & castles assets

Venatus Maps

Forgotten Adventures

Neyjour (Christina Roberts)
Nature Assets

Valor Maps

Tom Cartos (hand-drawn, not rendered, art)

PogS Props (Star Wars tokens galore!) (more Star Wars tokens)

Paid Content

Roll20 Marketplace
(Make sure that purchased art is available as downloadable PNGs)


Fantasy Mapping Art
A hoard of PNGs that I believe someone collected from the Dundjinni User Forums and put into a single 384 MB Zip file. As far as I know, that’s all legit “pubic domain” content, since I’m not seeing anything from commercially-sold art packs. Much of the CSUAC content is in there, too, for those who don’t already have a copy of the CSUAC archives.