MapForge Licensing Procedure

Instructions for claiming your MapForge license (or for claiming registration codes for paid Add-Ons without getting a license):

1. Download the latest version of the MapForge from here, if you have not done so already.

2. Launch MapForge and wait for the “Welcome to MapForge” message to show, indicating that the app is ready for use.

3. Open the “Window” menu (which appears when your mouse cursor is near the top edge of the map window) and select “License”. A small License panel will open.

4. Click on the “Claim Purchased License” button on the License panel. This should open your default email client and generate a pre-filled email containing your computer’s unique Challenge Code.

4A. If this fails to happen (expected, on some Windows systems, especially those that use webmail exclusively), click instead on the text field that displays your Challenge Code. This will copy the Challenge Code to your clipboard, so that you can paste it into an email to me, and thus avoid the possibility of typos in your submitted code.

5. I will email you a Response Code that is specific to your computer. Copy and paste this Response Code into the “Response Code” field of the MapForge’s License panel, and then press the “Unlock” button, which will install/activate your license.

You should receive your software’s activation code/s via email, shortly after I have received your Challenge Code.


–Hernan (aka heruca)