Alchemist’s Lab


This Add-On primarily supports making maps of an alchemist’s lab, office, workshop, or store, but it could also server to decorate other types of maps, such as a wizard’s workshop, an astronomer’s lab, or a small study/library. It contains mapping elements such as workstations, wooden furniture, tools of the trade, and flasks/potions galore.

This Add-On is primarily intended for fantasy/medieval settings. It also contains additional bonus items that have nothing to do with alchemy (see inventory).

All artwork in this Add-On was either created by Steve Gaudreau (aka “Supercaptain” from the Dundjinni forums), or derived from his work in some way (e.g., color mods).

Artwork Resolution (pixels per grid square): varies widely, but predominantly 200-300

Note: This product is only usable in the MapForge software. It is not a collection of stand-alone graphics, but rather a single, copy-protected file which requires a registration code for the content to be accessible to the MapForge software.

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Tiles: 0
Tile Overlays: 0
Items: 154
Textures: 0
Total Number of Assets: 154

Item Categories: 10
Alchemy Tables & Desks (12)
Books & Bookshelves (27)
Bottle Racks (3)
Lighting (2)
Potions & Vials (34)
Tables & Counters (12)
Telescopes (12)
Tools of the Trade (30)
Odds & Ends (13)
Large Items (9)


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