Cave Map Tiles


This Add-On supports constructing adventure maps via the use of “Map Tiles” that each depict a 5ft x 5ft square of terrain. The tiles contained within this Add-on employ a caves/caverns theme created by blending photographic material together with hand drawn artwork.

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Explore the lair of a Dire Cave Bear, or venture underground in search of a troll horde! The Cave Map Tiles set of role-playing map tiles expands on the success of the original Dungeon Map Tiles with a new range of gritty underground cave tiles and new wilderness map tiles.

Cave Being Built

Expands on the Dungeon Map Tiles

This set of map tiles was designed from the beginning to expand on the range of map tiles found in Studio WyldFurr’s Dungeon Map Tiles set.

Now you don’t need the Dungeon Map Tiles set to use the Cave Map Tiles set, but we recommend getting both so your players can explore caves and dungeons!

We have included a range of interlinking tiles to link a cave system into a dungeon complex, plus the wilderness dirt tiles come with a range of tiles that link up with the wilderness grass tiles from the Dungeon Map Tiles set.

Cave Map Tiles + Dungeon Map Tiles

Sample Sheet PDF

Sample Sheet PDF

Want to have a look at every map tile that is inside the Cave Map Tiles pack before committing to buying the pack? Then we have a PDF that is just perfect for you. We have a Sample Sheet PDF that displays every map tile that is inside the Cave Map Tiles pack. You can simply download it here and check out what is inside the pack.

Tiles: 416
Tile Overlays: 0
Items: 0
Textures: 0
Total Number of Assets: 416Tile Categories: 10
Cave Entrance (8)
Tunnel, Straight (18)
Tunnel, Turn (4)
Tunnel, Curve (8)
Tunnel, Diagonal (4)
Tunnel, Dead End (4)
Tunnel, Junction (20)
Tunnel/Cave to Dungeon (8)
Tunnel to Cave (4)
Cave Walls, Straight (33)
Cave Walls, Curves, 10ft. (32)
Cave Walls, Curves, 5ft. (4)
Cave Walls, Diagonals (27)
Cave Walls, Corners (12)
Cave Walls, Inner Corners (8)
Dirt Floor (23)
Dirt Floor, Features (12)
Dirt, Ditch Segments (28)
Dirt, Pits (4)
Grass to Dirt, Cliffs (4)
Grass to Dirt (24)
Grass to Dirt, Large (4)
Grass to Dirt, Eroded (28)
Grass to Dirt, Eroded, Corners (8)
Grass to Dirt, Eroded, Large (12)
Dirt, Water’s Edge (24)
Jetty, Short (4)
Jetty, Shore (4)
Jetty, Straight (10)
Jetty, Turns (4)
Jetty, Intersections (5)
Jetty, End (4)
Jetty to Pier (4)
Pier Segments (15)

Artwork Resolution (pixels per grid square): 180

Note: This product is only usable in the MapForge software. It is not a collection of stand-alone graphics, but rather a single, copy-protected file which requires a registration code for the content to be accessible to the MapForge software.

The small tiles in this set provide very granular control of the layout. The trade-off is that assembling maps will take longer than it would with other Add-Ons that provide larger tiles.


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