Isometric Map Tiles, Volume 1: Enter the Dungeon


If you’re a fantasy Game Master who loves creating your own unique and exciting isometric adventure maps for your gaming sessions, this Add-On is perfect for you! This collection of art assets allows you to create 3D-looking maps for your players to explore. These maps can be used in a number of  virtual tabletop programs which support isometric maps, or you can print them out and use them on the tabletop with miniatures, or to hand out to your players as visual aids.

The included assets are like building blocks which you can assemble into the form of a dungeon, fortress, or whatever kind of structure you desire. The artwork is high resolution (suitable for printing), and provides a very high level of detail.

The package also includes objects rendered to match the isometric map tile assets, providing you with a base set of props to flesh out the rooms of your dungeon. These objects are rendered in 45-degree increments for a full turn table, or for use as variants.

Artist’s Note: The Isometric Map Tiles – Volume 1: Enter the Dungeon is my very first isometric map tiles pack of art assets, this package will become the foundation for a collection future isometric art asset volumes.

I look forward to building 3D adventure spaces, props and objects, character and monster tokens to complement and expand this package.”

Scale: A single tile/cell depicts a 5ft x 5ft area of floor, or a 5ft section of wall.

Artwork Resolution (pixels per grid square): 300

Content preview video:

Note: This product is only usable in the MapForge software (v1.3.1 or higher). It is not a collection of stand-alone graphics, but rather a single, copy-protected file whose content is only accessible to the MapForge software.

CompareSold By: Studio Wyldfurr


Tiles: 108
Tile Overlays: 380
Items: 360
Textures: 0
Total Number of Assets: 848

Tile Categories: 21
Flagstones, Single (3)
Flagstones, Double (2)
Flagstones, Multiple (4)
Flagstones, X (4)
Stone Floors, Concentric (8)
Stone Floors, Pattern Corner (8)
Stone Floors, Pattern End (4)
Stone Floors, Pattern EW (10)
Stone Floors, Pattern NS (10)
Stone Floors, Pattern T (8)
Stone Floors, Pattern X (4)
Doorways, Arched 1 (4)
Doorways, Arched 2 (4)
Columns, Thick (4)
Columns, Thin (4)
Curved Walls & Alcoves (9)
Walls, Diagonal, Floor (5)
Walls, Fade, Inner Corner 1 (3)
Walls, Fade, Inner Corner 2 (3)
Walls, Inner Corner, Floor (3)
Wooden Divider Screens (4)

Tile Overlay Categories: 28
Walls, Inner Corner (3)
Walls, Outer Corner (15)
Walls, Left (15)
Walls, Right (15)
Walls, Fade, Right 1 (15)
Walls, Fade, Right 2 (15)
Walls, Fade, Left 1 (15)
Walls, Fade, Left 2 (15)
Raised Floors, 1st Level (18)
Raised Floors, 1st Level, Fade (18)
Raised Floors, 2nd Level (10)
Raised Floors, 2nd Level, Fade (32)
Doorways 1 (12)
Doorways 2 (11)
Doorways 3 (12)
Doorways 4 (12)
Doorways 5 (12)
Doorways 6 (12)
Steps, 1st Level (17)
Steps, 2nd Level (24)
Walls, Fade, Inner Corner 1 (3)
Walls, Fade, Inner Corner 2 (3)
Walls, Fade, Outer Corner 1 (15)
Walls, Fade, Outer Corner 2 (15)
Windows (34)
Wooden Dividers (8)
Fireplaces (2)
Pit Traps (2)

Item Categories: 33
Armoires (16)
Barrel Storage Shelves (8)
Barrels & Sacks (8)
Barrels, Tapped (8)
Benches, Plain (5)
Benches, Fancy (8)
Candles & Lanterns (9)
Carafe Crates (16)
Chairs (8)
Chests (16)
Cooking Pots (8)
Crates, Stacked (8)
Dish Washer Cabinets (16)
Fireplace Grates (16)
Firewood Piles (8)
Food (14)
Metal Security Boxes (8)
Pitchers (8)
Sacks (16)
Stools (4)
Storage Shelves (16)
Tankards 1 (8)
Tankards 2 (8)
Tavern Barrel Stands (24)
Tavern Barrel Table Presets (8)
Tavern Bars (16)
Tavern Cabinets (16)
Tavern Cutlery Cabinets (8)
Tavern Tables (16)
Tavern Tables, Round (9)
Wall-mounted Decorations (9)
Weapon Racks (8)
Miscellaneous (6)


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