The Jade Halls of Nys


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Jade Halls of Nys (707.1 MB)

This free Add-On allows GMs to create maps of dungeons, temples, and/or cultists lairs. This is by far the largest and most complete of the free Add-Ons. Not only does it contain Tiles, Tile Overlays, Items, and Textures, it also support MapForge’s Day/Night feature (and is the only free Add-On to do so).

This Add-On is primarily intended for fantasy/medieval settings.

All the artwork in this Add-On was created by Vry. This Add-On could easily have been released as a paid product, but Vry decided to make it free for all MapForge users. Thanks, Vry!

Installation instructions and other important information are in the PDF file which is included in the download.

Artwork Resolution (pixels per grid square): 200

Note: This product is only usable in the MapForge software. It is not a collection of stand-alone graphics, but rather a single, copy-protected file whose content is only accessible to the MapForge software.

CompareSold By: Battlegrounds Games


Tiles: 109
Tile Overlays: 25
Items: 81
Textures: 2
Total Number of Assets: 217

Tile Categories: 16
Hallway: Straight (14)
Hallway: Turn (8)
Hallway: 3-Way (6)
Hallway: 4-Way (5)
Hallway: End (7)
Small Room (6)
Long Room (7)
Chamber: Corner (12)
Chamber: Corner, 1 Exit (3)
Chamber: Corner, 2 Exits (3)
Chamber: Side Wall (11)
Chamber: Side Wall with Exit (3)
Chamber: Center (11)
Chamber: Inner Corner (3)
Chamber: Joined (3)
Special (6)

Tile Overlay Categories: 4
Doorways (16)
Skylight (1)
Floor Damage (2)
Wall Damage (6)

Item Categories: 7
Cobwebs (5)
Columns (5)
Curtains (6)
Decorations & Fixtures (24)
Statues (21)
Light & Magic (16)
Traps (4)

Texture Categories: 2
Nys Floor Tiles, Day (1)
Nys Floor Tiles, Night (1)


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