Area Map Buildings


Download Link: Area Map Buildings (4 MB)

This free Add-On allows GMs to decorate their area/regional maps with building tokens. Use them to create towns, hamlets, and villages. Includes an assortment of non-residential buildings, too, such as windmills, an amphitheaters, etc.

This Add-On is primarily intended for fantasy/medieval settings and even a modern day setting, but has applications in other genres, as well.

Installation instructions and other important information are in the PDF file which is included in the download.

Artwork Resolution (pixels per grid square): 140

Usage Tips: GMs can use the icons just as they are, or they can add filter effects to them in MapForge, such as Glows or Drop Shadows, to make the buildings stand out more, or to achieve a particular feel/style.

Note: This product is only usable in the MapForge software (v1.2.1 or higher). It is not a collection of stand-alone graphics, but rather a single, copy-protected file whose content is only accessible to the MapForge software.

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Tiles: 0
Tile Overlays: 0
Items: 103
Textures: 0
Total Number of Assets: 103

Item Categories: 10
Buildings, Blue (6)
Buildings, Brown (3)
Buildings, Dark (15)
Buildings, Green (2)
Buildings, Grey (2)
Buildings, Red (19)
Buildings, Shingle (17)
Buildings, Slate (23)
Buildings, Snow (8)
Buildings, Miscellaneous (8)


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