ISO Dungeon Walls


Download Link: ISO Dungeon Walls (<1 MB)

This Add-On allows you to create isometric dungeon layouts by snapping pre-made “wall modules” together, much as if you were using building blocks.

Asset resolution is 64 pixels per cell, so maps made with this Add-On will not be suitable for printing.

This Add-On contains Tiles and Tile Overlays, and is primarily for use with the medieval/fantasy genre. Commercial Use and Publishing are allowed, as long as you respect the license conditions (see below).

Credits: Clint Bellanger (aka pfunked) created the original Blender 3D models and rendered the isometric PNGs. The artwork was released under a CC BY 3.0 license. I took the liberty of lightening up the artwork (the original art was WAY too dark, in my opinion) and creating additional color mods of many of the assets. Also, the original artwork didn’t include any floor tiles, so I created some floor tiles using a compatible color palette, to fill out the set and make it more self-contained.

Artwork Resolution (pixels per grid square): 64

Note: This product is only usable in the MapForge software (v1.2.8 or higher). It is not a collection of stand-alone graphics, but rather a single, copy-protected file which is only accessible to the MapForge software.

CompareSold By: Battlegrounds Games


Tiles: 15
Tile Overlays: 40
Items: 0
Textures: 0
Total Number of Assets: 55

Tile Categories: 2
Dungeon Floor A (9)
Dungeon Floor B (6)

Tile Overlay Categories: 13
Portcullis (2)
Wall, Banner (4)
Wall, Standard 1 (4)
Wall, Standard 2 (4)
Wall, Corner (4)
Wall, Inner Corner (4)
Wall, Torch (4)
Wall, Statue (2)
Wall, Bookshelf (4)
Wall, Breached (2)
Wall, Chains (2)
Wall, Bloody (2)
Wall, Slimy (2)


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