Wraithwind Dungeon


This Add-On supports making maps of winding, convoluted dungeon layouts. It is best suited for fantasy/medieval settings, but might also prove useful for horror games.

This geomorphic tileset was created exclusively for MapForge by Heroic Maps. Although it has a relatively low tile count, the tiles can be combined in many unique ways, and the content lends itself well to random map generation (i.e. using MapForge’s “Randomize Tiles” function). Ideal for GMs in a hurry to crank out a quick map that looks spectacular.

Artwork Resolution (pixels per grid square): 330

Note: This product is only usable in the MapForge software. It is not a collection of stand-alone graphics, but rather a single, copy-protected file which requires a registration code for the content to be accessible to the MapForge software.

CompareSold By: Heroic Maps


Tiles: 10
Tile Overlays: 0
Items: 0
Textures: 0
Total Number of Assets: 10

Tile Categories: 2
Full-Size (7)
Half-Size (3)


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