Sci-Fi Map Tiles


Do you enjoy building science fiction space stations? Or the outpost of a space traveling bunch of aliens? The Sci-fi Map Tiles pack is aimed at giving Game Masters a tool kit with which to build hi-tech fantasy environments.

This map tiles set has been designed to expand your map building tool kit with a range of Map Tiles depicting a fantasy science fiction atmosphere. Use the map tiles in the Sci-fi Map Tiles package to build a super corporations high tech lab, a space station or the insides of a space ship.

This map tile pack provides you with a wealth of map tiles that all look like they belong together with the same artistic “look and feel” to them. Plus the tile design means you can assemble the tiles to build a map layout of almost any complexity. While on it’s own this map pack provides all you need to build a sci-fi complex for your players to explore, your creations can be further populated with our Sci-Fi Props & Gadgets Add-On, objects from our Furniture Packs, or NPC’s and Monsters from packs such as our Modern Day Adventurers token pack.

This Add-On supports constructing adventure maps via the use of “Map Tiles” that each depict a 5ft x 5ft square of terrain. Each map tile is a combination of hand drawn artwork and photographic source material that gives us the unique style of all Studio WyldFurr Map tiles. All of the tiles have been rendered from a birds eye view of the landscape, with shadowing used to give the illusion of depth.

In this pack, we’ve separated the walls from the floor tiles. This provides more flexibility with map building since you can combine different walls with different types of floor tiles to create different effects. The pack includes two different styles of floor tile and a main style of science fiction wall tiles.

Edit on 4/23/20: This Add-On was just updated to include 16 new tile overlays (diagonal walls and angled wall corners) provided by Studio Wyldfurr in response to user feedback/suggestions. If you have the old/original version, please download the Add-On again and overwrite your existing copy, while MapForge isn’t running.

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Tiles: 237
Tile Overlays: 227
Items: 12
Textures: 37
Total Number of Assets: 476

Tile Categories: 13
Steel Floor 1 (12)
Steel Floor 1, Stripes (16)
Steel Floor 1, Vents (13)
Steel Floor 2 (22)
Steel Floor 2, Stripes (16)
Steel Floor 2, Misc (11)
Non-Slip Metal Floor 1 (17)
Non-Slip Metal Floor 2 (17)
Non-Slip Metal Floor 3 (17)
Stairs, Style 1 (32)
Stairs, Style 1, Spiral (16)
Stairs, Style 2 (32)
Stairs, Style 2, Spiral (16)

Tile Overlay Categories: 30
Hall Doorway, North (4)
Hall Doorway, East (4)
Hall Doorway, South (4)
Hall Doorway, West (4)
Hall Dead End, North (4)
Hall Dead End, East (4)
Hall Dead End, South (4)
Hall Dead End, West (4)
Wall, North (14)
Wall, East (15)
Wall, South (15)
Wall, West (15)
Wall, NE Corner (3)
Wall, SE Corner (3)
Wall, SW Corner (3)
Wall, NW Corner (3)
Wall, Curved, 5 ft (20)
Wall, Curved, 10 ft (20)
Wall, Outer Corner (12)
Wall, Diagonal (12)
Wall, Angled Corner (4)
Doorway, North (4)
Doorway, East (4)
Doorway, South (4)
Doorway, West (4)
Doorway, NE Corner (8)
Doorway, SE Corner (8)
Doorway, SW Corner (8)
Doorway, NW Corner (8)
Window (8)

Item Categories: 1
Doors (12)

Texture Categories: 5
Steel Floor 1 (12)
Steel Floor 2 (22)
Non-Slip Metal Floor 1 (1)
Non-Slip Metal Floor 2 (1)
Non-Slip Metal Floor 3 (1)

Artwork Resolution (pixels per grid square): 180

Note: This product is only usable in the MapForge software. It is not a collection of stand-alone graphics, but rather a single, copy-protected file which requires a registration code for the content to be accessible to the MapForge software.

The small tiles in this set provide very granular control of the layout. The trade-off is that assembling maps will take longer than it would with other Add-Ons that provide larger tiles.


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